Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel attorneys are private attorneys appointed by the court to represent indigent defendants the Federal Defender’s Office cannot. This is usually due to a conflict. Panel attorneys are experienced in criminal defense and knowledgeable of the rules, procedures, and policies that are specific to the practice of federal criminal law. They have demonstrated a commitment to indigent defense and to remaining current on developments in federal criminal defense law.

If you are a client who has had a panel attorney appointed to represent you and you are seeking contact information for your lawyer, you may search their name in our directory here.

Interested attorneys who do not have the requisite qualifications may seek to become a member of our training panel. The training panel aims to attract qualified but less experienced attorneys to indigent criminal defense, ensuring high-quality representation in the years to come. We work closely with these attorneys, providing regular education and training opportunities, mentorship, guidance, and supervision. Attorneys who are interested in becoming a member of the CJA or the training panel may submit their application and accompanying documents to our office for review.

Existing panel attorneys will soon be able to access training materials and other useful information in our CJA Portal, which is currently under construction. Please check back for updates.

CJA Portal