We represent defendants who are targets for prosecution of or who are charged with federal crimes within our district, and who are unable to pay to hire an attorney on their own. While at times we are appointed by the court to represent an individual before a charge is filed, we are generally appointed when a client makes their first appearance before the court. Our representation then continues through all stages of the proceedings, including trials, appeals, and in post-conviction matters. We have a committed team of attorneys, research and writing specialists, paralegals, investigators, CJA resource and support staff, administrative professionals, and technology support personnel.

On occasion, our office is unable to represent a client. This is often due to a conflict between a new defendant and an existing or previous client. When this happens, we refer to a panel of private attorneys who are trained and available to take appointments in our place. These attorneys are provided under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). Our office provides support, resources, and training to these attorneys.

The content on this site is aimed at providing support to both those private attorneys representing defendants in federal criminal cases and to our clients and their loved ones.